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We hope that the information you will find here will answer all your questions concerning dental treatment in Chania and help you make the decision about your own treatment. Our philosophy is based on the friendly and human approach towards patients.

Holidays and at the same time cost savings of around 70% compared to prices in the US and the UK, the trip to Greece will enable you to enjoy recuperation on an amazing beach or a short holiday in addition to your dental treatment.

You can relax while having your tooth treatment combine with holidays in the sunny Crete.
Straddling both Europe and Eastern countries, Greece has much to offer in terms of world class health tourism treatment, highly skilled dentist and state-of-the-art facilities.

We offer the highest guality in materials and equipment, reliability, logical prices and vacations of course in one of the most beautiful places around Europe.
The personal contact with our doctor from the very first moment builds a trustful relationship and helps our patients to get over their fears for the dentist.

Dental Treatments

 We take customer care seriously!


Dental Consultation is an initial and probably the most significant step…


Dental Implants : A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that a…


Prosthetics : Fixed prosthetics and mobile prosthetics are a field…


Root canal treatment is the removal of the tooth’s pulp, a small, thread…

What Our Clients Have to Say

Last year when holidaying in Crete my husband needed an emergency dentist. We were lucky enough to visit Dimitris at his practice in Kissamos.
He was extremely helpful and thorough in his examination and in the advice he gave, for which he didn’t even charge….

Oliver Marston

I met Demetris by chance. Coming all the way from New Zealand at the begging of our over
seas trip and arriving in Crete with a tooth problem was very distressing.
The people in Crete were so friendly and we asked about dentists. They all mentioned Demetris. I was thrilled,…

Deborah Lymburn

I enjoyed the services of Dr. Demitrius, and would come again when in need. His office and staff are of professional quality, as you might see anywhere in the world. You may expect excellent work, and at great value by comparison, less than half of the cost at home!

Roger D

See the Results – Before & After

We specialize in dental implants, the most modern way of treating missing teeth.Our patients can choose from a wide scope of dental materials used to make dental crowns and fillings.

Thanks to us you can gain a white smile by modern methods of teeth whitening and cleaning. Our specialist always do their best to preserve your natural teeth by advanced methods of curing diseases like root canal treatment.


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